L&G Recreational & Squad Information

All the classes are taught by highly trained B.G.A. Coaches and help is given by older squad members and B.G.A. assistant club coaches, with a maximum of eight children per group.
The aim of the classes is to encourage the child to explore their physical ability in a safe and fun environment. To help build confidence, co-ordination, balance, strength, suppleness and fitness.

Gymnastic for all classes

1 Hour 4 - 16 years
  • This is the first class the children come into.
  • We teach basic gymnastics skills to gain body awareness, strength, suppleness, co-ordination, balance and confidence on all apparatus.
  • The children work towards the B.G.A. badge scheme and can take part in our Club Championships and Shows.
  • The children can be selected from this class to go into one of our more advanced classes.

Advanced Class

1.5 hours 7 - 16 years
  • As above but with more self discipline and perfection of skills, including extra conditioning and stretch.
  • This group are encouraged to take part in local County or Regional floor and vault competitions.
  • This class can also lead to being selected for the Display Team or Acrobatics Squad.

Mini Squad Class

1.5 to 3 hours per week 4 - 6 years
  • These children are selected from our pre-school or younger recreational classes.
  • They are taught along with the advanced class to prefect their gymnastics basic skills and work on good body preparation.
  • The one and half hour class can lead to three hours a week and onto our Display Team or increase to six hours a week at six years which could then lead to our Acrobatic Squad by the age of seven years old.

Display Team Class

2.5 to 7 hours 7 - 18 years
  • These gymnasts learn more advanced skills and somersaults.
  • They take part in County and Regional Competitions.
  • Perform Local, National and International Displays
  • Work in both Individual and Team disciplines.
  • These gymnasts have the possibility of a transfer from this group to our Acrobatic and Tumble Squad.
  • We are also looking to have a more advanced group training twice a week. These gymnasts would be selected from this group.

Acrobatic Squad

8 - 12 hours per week 7+ years
  • The gymnasts work either in pairs (men's, women's, or mixed) or within women's or men's groups.
  • They perform both balance and dynamic moves to music, which includes dance, leaps, jumps and spins.
  • Tumble is also worked for routines and for tumble competitions using our tumble track.
  • The gymnasts learn to work as a team and trust and rely on each other.
  • The gymnasts learn self discipline and concentration.
  • The squad take part in mostly Regional competition with the aim of reaching National Finals.
  • Some of our Elite gymnasts have goals of being selected for the National Squad and representing Great Britain.