L&G Class Timetable

  • Monday

    TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
    3.45-4.45pmGymnastics for All4-8yrs32Shannon
    4.00-5.00pmBeginners Tumble6 + yrs16Gemma
    4.45-5.45pmGymnastics for All7+ yrs32Shannon
    5.15-7.15pmAdvance Tumble7 + yrs16Gemma
    5.45-7.15pmAdvance class*10+ yrs32Shannon



  • Tuesday

    TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
    3.30-5.00pmMini Squad*4-8 yrs24Gemma
    3.30-5.00pmAdvance Mini Squad *5-8 yrs8Kerrie
    4.00-5.00pmAdvance Boys Mini Squad*5-8 yrs12Gemma
    4.15-7.00pmPrep Acro Squad *7+ yrs16Linda & Gemma
    5.00-8.00pmElite Acro Squad *8+ yrs12Linda & Gemma
    6.00-8.30pmDisplay Acro Squad *8+ yrs32Shannon
    • Wednesday

      TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
      3.30-4.30pmGymnastic for All3.5-6 yrs24Gemma
      4.00-5.00pmGymnastic for All5-9 yrs24Shannon
      4.30-5.30pmGymnastic for All8-14 yrs24Gemma
      5.00-6.30pmAdvance Competetive*8+ yrs24Shannon
      5.00-8.00pmElite Acro Squad *8+ yrs12Linda & Gemma
      6.30-8.30pmAdvance Tumble class*8+ yrs10Simon
      6.30-8.30pmAcro Top's conditioning class*8+ yrs8Shannon
      TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
      3.45-4.45pmGymnastics for All4-8 yrs32Gemma
      4.4-5.45pmGymnastics for All8 + yrs32Gemma
      5.15-7.15pmAcro Class7 + yrs16Shannon
      5.45-7.15pmTeen Class12 + yrs32Gemma
      • Friday

        TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
        4.00-5.00pmAdvanced Boys Mini Squad *5-7 yrs12Gemma
        4.00-5.00pmGymnastic for All4-6 yrs24Shannon
        4.30-5.30pmGymnastic for All6 - 8 yrs24Linda
        5.00-6.00pmGymnastic for All8+ yrs24Shannon
        5.00-8.00pmAcro Prep & Elite Sqd *7+ yrs25Linda & Gemma
        • Saturday

          TimeClass TypeAgeClass NumberCoaches
          9.00-10.00amGymnastic for All4-7 yrs24Linda 
          9.30-10.30amGymnastic for All6-9 yrs24Shannon
          10.00-11.00amGymnastic for All8 + yrs24Linda
          10.00am-1.00pmElite Acro Squad *7+ yrs12Linda & Gemma
          10.30-1.00pmPrep Acro Squad*7 yrs + 16Linda & Gemma
          11.00-12.30pmAcro Mini Squad *5-7 yrs8Kerrie
          12.30-3.00pmDisplay Acro Squad A team *8+ yrs32Shannon
          12.30-3.00pmDisplay Acro Squad B team *7+ yrs32Shannon
          3.00-4.30pmAdvance Competetive*7+ yrs32Shannon
  • * High level class only avaliable to coach selected gymnasts

Please telephone before any of these sessions to make sure the class you want has space available.