World Gymnaestrada 2011

L&G Acrobatics Gymnastics Club are represented Great Britian in the World Gymnaestrada

Our Gymnaestrada DisplayA group of 16 gymnast attended and took part in World Gymnaestrada 2011. It was an amazing experience for the girls, coaches and adults that attended. For many it was the first time being away from parents for a long period of time! but the girls coped very well and enjoyed every moment. The girls worked very hard for just under a year to perfect their Hairspray routine.

The girls did 4 amazing performance in and round Lausanne and to other gymnast. They also took part in the opening and closing ceremony in the Lausanne stadium.


The girls also took part in 2 mass display which were performed at the Lausanne stadium. This involved all the other UK gymnastic team. The performances went down very well and all the teams involved put on a very professional display, with very little practice all together.


We also had some downtime, and enjoyed a boat trip on Lake Geneva,where the girls enjoyed topping up their tans!!! They also had the change to attend two gala nights to watch gymnast preform from Japan and also the FIG gala. They also had the chance to swim twice in Lake Geneva, and on the last night we enjoyed watching the fireworks over Lake Geneva from our accommodation. The girls enjoyed watching all the other gymnast from around the world, and came back with so many ideas for new routines and acro moves.


Most of the girls are now in the new Acrobatic Display squad and have recently performed at the Collingwood Fashion Show. They are also doing a display at the Surrey Sports Awards evening at Camberley Theatre on 23rd October along with other Squad members. They will also be taking part in the Gymfusion's events that have recently been set up by British Gymnastics.

Our Gymnaestrada Display

About the World Gymnaestrada

The Gymnaestrada is the official world event of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) for Gymnastics of all disciplines. Once every four years, during seven days, gymnasts of all ages and backgrounds meet to share their passion for Gymnastics. It is a unique occasion to attend quality demonstrations of great originality, to continue ones training, and above all to make contacts, and to share extraordinary experiences. This years Gymnaestrada, will be held in July, in Lausanne, Switzerland. There will be over23,000 participants, of all ages, from all parts of the world and members of55 nationalfederations.


For futher details please see theOfficial Website


Our Gymnaestrada DisplayOur Gymnaestrada DisplayOur Gymnaestrada Display
It was an amazing experience, one that all the girls will remember, and we are all looking forward to Helsinki 2015.