L&G Prices

Winter Term 2018

Please contact Kerrie if you wish to join mid-term.

Pre-school and Recreational Classes (prices for Winter Term Jan-April 2019) all prices include club membership fee

Pre-School Structured45 minutes per week£105.00
Gymnastic for All1 Hour per week£112.00
Mini squad*1.5 Hours£157.00
Intermediate Competition Group (advance tumble & Acro) & Boys mini squad*2. Hours£196.00
Display B Team *2.5 Hours£222.00
Girls Mini Squad - Twice a week *3 Hours£248.00

£10 discount is offered to early payments  / Free trial session for your first try                                                                                                                                                                                  *Coach Selection only

All club and BG Insurances are due for renewal in September 

Please Note British Gymnastic Insurance due every September or within 2 weeks of joining

Annual club membership fee £15 (£5 a term due with class fee's)
British Gymnastic Insurance is due in September payable direct to British gymnastics fee's are £11 Pre school, £17 Bronze £41 Silver

Acrobatic Squads

Acrobatic Display A Squad *2 x per week£79 per month
Prep Acrobatic Squad*3 x per week£85 per month
Acrobatic Display squad & Tumble or tops *3 x per week£99 per month
Elite Acrobatic Squad *4 x per week

£99 per month

Prep Acrobatic Squad & Tumble4 x per week£105 per month
Elite Acrobatic squad & Tumble5 x per week

£119 per month

* Coach selection only

Mini and Acro squads will be on a monthly D/D. Holiday training is included.

There will be a £10 charge added if fee's are not paid on time or are inocrrect